Breakdown Insurance for Your Business

If you operate or own a vehicle that is operated as part of a business, then you could use a good breakdown insurance policy. Basic, standard and home policies will not cover business use of your vehicle. That is because it is assumed that if you use your vehicle for business purposes it will be on the road more often, possibly at disadvantageous times such as after dark or during rush hour. “Business” is a somewhat flexible term, so “business” insurance isn’t usually a one size fits all proposition.

Commuter Cover

This is a borderline use of your vehicle. If your primary use of your car is to drive to a commuter parking lot where you make a connection with public transport, it is still going to be used more often than a vehicle that sits in the garage most of the week and is then driven to the grocery store or to social engagements on the weekend.

Sharing Rides

If you accept money in exchange for transportation, then that is considered to be a business use of your vehicle. Your commuter use is now a money-making proposition, so you need a business policy. One of the handy perks of breakdown or roadside assistance is that you can obtain a policy that will provide transportation of up to seven people from the scene of the problem to one shared destination. That can usually mean that you and your ride-share passengers can make it to the station on time.

Delivering Goods

Even if your moonlight business use of your vehicle is just delivering a few pizzas after hours or picking up a little extra cash selling cosmetics or household products in the evening, you are still responsible for the care of those products and possibly for carrying cash that is not your own. Breakdown insurance means that the guy or gal who comes to assist you is licensed and bonded through your insurance company. They have only one purpose for stopping: to help you.

Over the Road Sales and Demonstrations

There is a good chance that a lot of your business will be conducted from your vehicle if you are a traveling salesperson. Whether you are selling farm machinery, seeds or medical equipment, there is an excellent chance that you are responsible for some pricey items that you will not want to trust to just anyone. Your company might provide their own breakdown cover, especially if they provide the vehicle. If they do not, it is a worthwhile investment for you.

Taxi Service

Smartphones have made it easy to turn your personal vehicle into a taxi service. If you are transporting people and their goods, you will certainly want all sorts of good insurance. Making breakdown insurance part of your insurance package means that you are covered in the case of a tire blowout or a loose fan belt. You can also assure your riders that they will arrive at a reasonable destination from which they can continue their journey.

Breakdown Bottomline for Your Business

The cost of breakdown insurance for one year is usually less than the price of one emergency tow from a local auto repair shop. Breakdown insurance helps boost confidence in your business because you are less likely to have your activities derailed because of a mechanical malfunction in your vehicle. While breakdown insurance does not cover accidents, it can easily be added to most insurance policies. If your standard policy does not include it, there are a number of breakdown insurance companies that will be glad to offer coverage for your business activities.